Paper Bags

imballaggi flessibili

For preserving food

Food companies pay great attention not only to the choice of raw materials and to the various stages of food preparation to offer quality products to the public, but they also dedicate themselves to finding packaging that preserves the flavor, freshness and other characteristics of their products. For this they often turn to leading companies in the industry.

R.C.A. IMBALLAGGI FLESSIBILI srl is a Turin company specialized in the production of food packaging and active at national and international level in the production of:

  • Food bags
  • Food wraps
  • Complex films
  • Bags
  • Rolls in plastic films

Respecting all HACCP protocol standards.

Food wrapper features

The paper bag features are designed to fully respect the contents and to facilitate the opening and storage of food.

The company manufactures customizable paper bags for food packaging with company logo and graphics and with the help of fully biodegradable materials that are suitable for transportation and storage.

Based on customer specifications, the packaging company manufactures its products through the sharing of expertise regarding how to improve packaging.

Containers for every need

Any kind of requirement can be submitted to the company's technical office: The technical staff will study the type of container that best suits the products, choosing from the various solutions already implemented by R.C.A. IMBALLAGGI FLESSIBILI srl, including cardboard containers, aluminum, heat-sealing bags, doy-packs and stand-ups.

The company also delivers in ​​Milan and Rome

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