R.C.A. Imballaggi Flessibili ha la propria sede in Via Battisti 3 a Collegno - Torino - 10093 - Italy

For any inquiries about our services please contact 011 4081397 or fill out the form below. Below you will also find the right references to submit your request.

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Foreign trade manager
Silvia Stupino - administrator - silvia@rcapack.com

Commercial Officers Italy
ITALY: sales@rcapack.com
ESTERO: Sabrina Castelli - sabrina@rcapack.com

Bianca Nitto - administration - bianca@rcapack.com

Customer Care

Valentina Pinna - customer service - valentina@rcapack.com

Graphic Support
Simona Souberan - graphic elaborations - simona@rcapack.com

Technical assistance
Cristina Chiara - supplier management - cristina@rcapack.com

Logistics - Shipment
Stefania Ferrua - delivery management - stefania@rcapack.com

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