Flexible, customized packaging

imballaggi in plastica

Fit for any contents

Food preservation is an act of respect for the consumer, but also for the value of his work, so food industries must rely on professionals who can provide the consumer with high standards in the production of packaging.

R.C.A. IMBALLAGGI FLESSIBILI srl in Turin( also active on Milan and Rome) has long consolidated its market position in the production of:

  • Paper packaging
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Printed polyester film.

Easy to use packaging

The company is fully up to the needs of the industry by studying materials and workmanships that can provide a good level of thermal insulation, efficient packaging that optimizes spaces, flexible packaging and easy to open and resistant to tearing and breaking.

R.C.A. IMBALLAGGI FLESSIBILI srl can customize its packaging by ensuring high print quality on compressed films. R.C.A. IMBALLAGGI FLESSIBILI srl performs simple, but well-defined prints, ideal for small production runs as well as complex prints for photo reproductions that are suitable for high print runs.

Production of customized packaging

The technical office, through a consultant, will provide a design service that follows the specific requirements of the buyer's business. You can ask for paper bags for coffee, spices, blends, cocoa, chocolate, or fresh produce.

A freshness closing mechanism allows you to open and close the packs without losing flavor and smell.

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