Personalized packaging and packing

imballaggi personalizzati

How to choose the right packaging

The role of packaging can not be underestimated for those offering packaged products on the market. First of all, because bags, envelopes, containers, and so forth are supposed to guarantee the protection and preservation of the products, but secondly, also because they represent the product's garments. A company can use the packaging as a way to project itself to the outside world.

Customization of packaging is therefore a distinctive act to provide its products with a strong and attractive image.

Sturdy, semi-rigid and flexible packages

R.C.A. IMBALLAGGI FLESSIBILI srl is a leading company in the production of customized packaging. Through its rigid, semi-rigid and flexible packaging it is possible to communicate visually all the brand and product values ​​to the end user. Our colors, attention to graphics, and high quality photo printing allow the company to achieve whatever effect they desire.

Sponsored paper cartons and bags

A consultant stands alongside customers to interpret their needs and translate them into reality. R.C.A. IMBALLAGGI FLESSIBILI srl can create a custom line of packaging of different shapes and materials:

  • Flexible paper cartons
  • Stand up bags
  • Doy-pack with practical system for freshness
  • Extra luxury packs with cardboard as outer carton
  • Transparent films.

The company works on both small as well as large projects, ensuring punctuality in delivery throughout Italy (including Rome and Milan) and abroad.

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