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imballaggi flessibili

RCA has been operating in the packaging sector for more than 50 years now: it began to produce containers, containers, boxes and small and medium sized carton boxes in 1957.

Over the last ten years, it has diversified its activities, on the one hand, providing flexographic printing equipment for the production of flexible packaging, and on the other hand, adapting its offering to the needs of small producers, providing high quality products in smaller quantities.

These two production activities have evolved over the years until the consolidation of two different organizational arrangements. In 2002, R.C.A. Recipienti Cartone Alluminio SpA gave birth to KRCA, which is dedicated to cardboard productions, and R.C.A. Imballaggi Flessibili Srl, which specializes in printing on complex films, bags and coils of plastic films, as well as aluminum or extruded laminates.

The corporate structure that was established in 2002 provided for a lean and versatile organization, that has resulted in great benefits: on the one hand, by creating an employee base of internally-qualified staff in flexible packaging, who are competent both in materials themselves as well as production cycles. Staff are continually trained further in relevant methods and technologies. Advice from our graphic art professionals on the other hand elevate our level of technical ability further.

By focusing our energy, RCA Srl has been able to increase its penetration both in Italy and in Europe, offering not only a product but a consulting and maintenance service as well. We help our customers identify the most suitable material for the various requirements they may have.







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