Printing (rotocalco and flexographic)

Print quality is of critical importance when it comes to compressed film packaging and thanks to the versatility of RCA's machines you can choose from several solutions:

- simple prints, impeccable from a qualitative point of view and at the same time limited investment, suitable for small production runs;

- complex prints (eg photographic reproductions) for large prints.


Each product is the result of an accurate study of the function that is required to perform; it must therefore be adequately robust in relation to the weight of what it will contain It also has to preserve whatever is put inside it.

The matching phase is therefore another important step in the production process: attention is paid to the thicknesses of the materials and to the characteristics of each plastic film in order to obtain the mix that best suits each product.

Cutting - Trimming

The trimming of the material represents the ultimate quality control of the materials. Cutting operations serve to set up the rolls of

film for delivery to the customers who have packaging machines or for subsequent bagging.

Processing into paper bags or containers

Option of flow packet, bellows, pillow, doy-pack, with: valve, tap, zip, freshness mechanism.

imballaggi flessibili
imballaggi flessibili
imballaggi flessibili


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