Sachets with double layer system

Bags made with double layer coil systems are durable and can be freely customized with customer-generated graphics and texts.

These bags can be used for:

  • The packaging of food
  • The packaging of fresh banana products
  • Packaging for any type of product.

Practical and easy to open

The ease of tearing the bags allows them to be used in a practical and fast way even when one of your hands is not completely free, in fact the coil can even be secured to a wall by means of a roller from which the bags can then be removed from time to time.

R.C.A. IMBALLAGGI FLESSIBILI srl produces double-layered bags and reels for the most varied of uses and you can customize the bags however you want. The range of colours is extensive and the quality of the packaging allows you to provide your own service with the greatest of attention, efficiency, and charm.

Ad-hoc packaging solutions

R.C.A. IMBALLAGGI FLESSIBILI srl has many years of experience in the field and specializes in the production of various sizes of cardboard, plastic and aluminum packaging.

R.C.A. IMBALLAGGI FLESSIBILI srl consultants who work in Rome and Milan also help customers identify their needs and narrow down the type of packaging that best suits their products.

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